Cove Cafe ~ 100% Arabica Coffee


From 3 distinct origins;
Ruwenzori Mountains, Uganda Village of Guji, Sidamo region, Ethiopia
Shores of Lake Tawa, Central Sumatra.

At Cove we pride ourselves on the quality and flavour of our coffee. Our signature blend has been specifically designed by our baristas, creating a flavour profile that has something for everyone.

As a short black the first thing that is evident is the rich bronze crema, then aromas of roasted nuts and caramelised candied orange peel. The palate is medium to full-bodied with sweet, burnt orange notes and a grapefruit-like-acidity.

As a milk coffee, the combined sweetness of the milk and coffee creates a butterscotch-like- flavour in the mid-palate finishing with bittersweet notes of golden syrup.

Cove coffee available by the bag:
1kg – $40